All protein is initially made by plants

Sources of Protein seems to be of major debate in the health and fitness world. Is it best to get your protein from meat, milk, eggs or chicken? Should I substitute with a protein shake or add it for more protein. Although these sources of protein can supple all of the essential amino acids, one fact that is missed is that all protein is initially made by plants. All the protein you needs can be found without eating animal tissue.

It is not necessary to eat animal tissue to get protein. Only plants have the ability to take nitrogen from the air, break those molecules apart, incorporate that nitrogen into amino acids and then make protein. Any protein you get from an animal is simply recycled plant protein.

Consider this, brown rice, vegetables, grains and beans will contain all the daily amounts of protein your body requires to build muscle and gain strength. Plant protein has a much better effect on our physiology, with a daily requirement of only 35 grams per day vs. 100 grams of animal protein needed to have the same effects.

Here is a list of how much protein and fiber are in some animal food alternatives to hit your daily goals.


Amount of Protein Amount of Fiber Amount of Protein Amount of Fiber
Per – 100 Grams Per – 100 Grams
Corn 9g 7g 1 Cup – 166g 16g 12g
Broccoli 2.8g 2.6g 1 NLEA Serving – 148g 4.2g 3.8g
Brussel Sprouts 3.4g 3.8g 1 Cup – 88g 3g 3.3g
Peas 5g 5g 1 Cup – 145g 8g 7g
Cauliflower 1.9g 2g 1 Head Medium 588g 11g 12g
Banana 1.1g 2.6g 1 – 7.5in – 118g 1.3g 3.1g
Apple 0.3g 2.4g 1 Medium 3″ dia – 182g 0.5g 4.4g
Carrots 0.9g 2.8g 1 Medium – 61g 0.6g 1.7g
Celery 0.7g 0.6g 1 Stalk 8in – 40g 0.3g 0.6g
Peanut Butter 25g 1.9g 2 tbsp – 32g 8g 1.9g
Potatoes 2g 2.2g 1 Potato – 213g 4.3g 4.7g
Sweet Potato 1.6g 3g 1 Medium 5″long – 130g 2g 3.9g
Tomatoes 0.9g 1.2g 1 Medium Whole 123g 1.1g 1.5g
Lettuce 1.4g 1.3g 1 Cup Shredded – 36g 0.5g 0.5g
Spinach 2.9g 2.2g 1 Cup – 30g 0.9g 0.7g
Kale 4.3g 2g 1 Cup Chopped – 130g 5.8g 2.6g
Avocado 2g 7g 1 Cup Sliced – 146g 2.9g 10g
Rice 2.6g 1.8g 1 Cup – 195g 5g 3.5g
Red Beans 9g 25g 1 Cup – 184g 43g 46g
Baked Beans 5g 6g 1 Cup – 253g 14g 14g
Onions 1.2g 1.7g 1 Medium 2.5 dia – 110g 1.2g 1.9g
Watermelon 0.6 0.4g 1 NLEA Serving – 280g 1.7g 1.1g
Pineapple 0.5g 1.4g 1 Fruit – 905g 4.9g 13g
Strawberries 0.7g 2g 1 Medium 2.25″ dia – 12g 0.1g 0.2g
Grapes 0.7g 0.9g 1 Cup – 92g 0.6g 0.8g
Oranges 0.9g 2.3g 1 small 2.5″ dia – 96g 0.9g 2.3g
Olives 0.8g 3.2g 1 Small – 3.2g 0g 0.1g
Asparagus 2.2g 2.1g 1 Spear 6″ Long – 16g 0.4g 0.3g
Bell Peppers 0.9g 1.7g 1 Medium – 119g 1g 2g
Eggplant 1g 3g 1 peeled – 458g 4.5g 14g
Radish 0.7g 1.6g 1 Medium 1″ – 4.5g 0g 0.1g


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